Insomnia SUCKS   1 comment

My God, what I wouldn’t do for a full NIGHTS sleep. Three hours at a time is just WRONG but at least I don’t have it like my 9 year old. Poor kid can’t sleep at night. Well, he did for a week but I think it was because he was sick. Right now it’s 2:15AM and he’s wandering the house, again sleepless, just like me.

  When I was a child I would wander the house at night, loving the sounds of settling wood and crickets. Oftentimes my cat would stalk the house with me, looking for a nightly snack or some moonlight romp with the neighbors tom. I discovered the moonlight romps of my own when I was 14. My boyfriend would come over and we’d go out to the treehouse and talk or he would hold me after a particularly bad day with my dad.

My eyes close and I drift off for a few minutes, half an hour or, if I’m lucky a few hours before a leg jerks, pain or something else wakes me yet again. I take another pill and read a while or write before I drift off again into blessed darkness. Maybe this time I’ll sleep longer than ten minutes.

Posted February 7, 2012 by I'm taking a nap in Memoirs

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  1. Again, the like is because your voice is speaking my truth. Insomnia and pain have been my companions the entirety of my adult life. Reading through your writings, I have this surreal sense that our lives have been two different versions of one life. So many parallels with different paths and options.


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