Husbands can be so…. GRRRR   5 comments

Yesterday was a bad day around here. Mike was grouchy, snapping at the kids, had an attitude ALL day and me in tears just as long. I HATE it when he’s in his moods. I know we’ve lost two computers this week and the bills are nagging him, my meds are ready to pick up and cost more than usual because the dr put me on new meds but DAMN. I’m so tired of his complaining some days that I swear, if I were in better health, I’d kick his ass. I try to be understanding, really I do but, when it feels like you have three preteen boys in the house, it’s hard. I honestly wonder sometimes who’s older.

  He was complaining the most about the boys yesterday. With them being homeschooled I know Mikes getting tired of them being underfoot all the time and winter only makes it worse. The snow this week has had them all indoors even though I TOLD them to get out their sleds. They HATE snow. I honestly don’t understand that. I love it so they must have gotten that from their fathers. The boys eat a lot. They are growing like weeds and clothes are getting shorter/tighter faster than we can buy them. I told them I was going to start making them wear skirts because then I wouldn’t have to worry about the length. They were NOT amused until I yelled at Mike that his was the first skirt I would make 😛

Mike says he’s never listened to by Sean, my 12 yo. Understandable if you take into consideration his age and the fact that Mike likes to lecture. For HOURS. About the most inane things. He browbeats him till the poor boy is in tears unless I step in and say “that’s enough, leave him alone” He never does that with Dan, our 9 yo and I know why. Sean is his stepson and, he can deny it all he wants but, it’s because Sean isn’t of his loins. He always says he doesn’t treat them any different but even THEY see he  does. Mikes the only father Seans ever known and it breaks his heart that nothing he does pleases Mike. He’s said time again that he only wants to please Mike but nothing he ever does is right. It breaks my heart to see him struggling so much. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if Mike weren’t here anymore.

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5 responses to “Husbands can be so…. GRRRR

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  1. Damn sis that’s hard and I know I was on the mic with you on skype most of the time, but just keep in mind the good things that have recently happened. Love you sis *HUGS* you know I’m here for you to rant and rave on, and if I was there I’d let you cry on my shoulder. Erbo and I do our best to help and it seems that the only time things are sane over there is when we are over there. No nagging or anything. We all wish it could be like this every day, but we know it can’t be. *HUGS* Love you sis.


  2. I came to your blog from your stopping in at mine. I hope things for you will settle down, life is difficult, believe me, I know. We have worked a lot out, hopefully you can too. I’ll cross my fingers for you IF THAT IS WHAT YOU WANT!!!!!!!!! Regards, Laurie from hibernationnow


    • It all flows in waves of different sizes. Some days I want to throw in the towel and others I float along on the wings of doves. Thanks for the thoughts and welcome!


  3. I hear you, very uncool.


  4. Sounds harsh and I feel for you. I hated when my ex was unjust to our kids and I didn’t hesitate to step in. He got worse as they got older. There may be hope still. Snowy winters are tough. Puberty can be very hard between a boy and a father. And money, or lack of it, is one of the most stressful things for a married couple. Add illness and homeschooling, it’s a recipe for failure. I hope your “floating” time is enough to get you through.


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