A Miracle in Blue and Red   6 comments

It was snowing hard and he had to pull over to chain the tires. He had me get dressed and help him. He’d gotten me some boots and sweat pants earlier in the week so I dressed  and learned how to chain truck tires. We got finished as an officer pulled up. Master told me to get in the truck, quickly. I complied and sat, shivering, in the truck as they talked. Master came up to get his log book and growled for me to get in back and be quiet. I lay in the sleeper and began crying.

After a seemingly long time I hear the door open and a flashlight shining into the cab. A loud voice asking if there were anyone inside. I bit my lip and felt the truck move. He was coming in! His head peeked round the corner of the door, gun pointed at me. I shrieked as he was shoved forward. I hear the crunch as he falls to the floor, Master climbing in behind and  slamming the door, He yelled at me to get the chains and shoved the rig into first gear. He barked orders at me as he got us rolling  down the road. I bound the man as he instructed, my hands shaking, sobs of fear slipping from my parched lips. He told me to check the man for a pulse. It  was there and strong but the man was bleeding from his head. I’d had basic first aid so I put pressure on the wound and wiped a damp rag over his face till he came to. He was silent for a few  minutes as I’d given him sign to be quiet. I kissed his lips softly and whispered what happened to him. He nodded and wriggled a little testing his bonds. I whispered “no use, I put them on you. I’m sorry” I started crying as Master yelled “get him onto the bed and strip him slut” I groaned as I struggled to get  him in the bed, his gear making me nervous. I call out to Master “cut them off?” “yes” He barked as the officer shakes his head. He indicates his shoulder where there is a mic. I look at him confused so he whispers what to do. I turn down the volume and put the mic to his mouth so he can speak into it. It takes a few minuets to get the dispatcher to get someone to his car to verify this was indeed a problem. apparently he had only stopped to see if Master needed help but was alerted by how fast I got back in the truck. Masters demeanor made it worse so he came to see if I was ok. I shook my head and told him my story. When I finished he said “sweetheart, I’m getting you out of here. Take off these chains.”

I had used zip ties to bind the chains together so I asked if he had a knife. “left pocket” I took it out and placed it in his hand as Master yelled for me to come up front. I scampered up and sat,  looking at him “what are we gonna do with him?” His eyes glued to the windshield, he speaks softly “a drop off a bridge will be best” I can see he’s afraid and I feel badly for him “it’s ok, Master want me to take your mind off it a little?” He glances at me and chuckles “turning you on is it?” “oh God yes it is, Master” I say as I catch movement from the sleeper. He grins and unzips his pants then pushes the seat back. I slip out of my pants then straddle him, knocking the truck out of gear as I do. He wouldn’t notice till we started back uphill  and by then, hopefully, our captive can figure a way out of this mess. I see his face peering at me, a look of mild shock in his eyes before they disappear again into the darkness of the sleeper. I keep Master occupied, bringing him and myself to release just as I spot lights flashing from behind us, lighting the snow as it whipped past. “FUCK!” Master screamed as he sees the lights and pushes me off. “get in the back and strap in, now” He had shown me how to use the safety straps just days ago so I scramble back and strap myself in, noticing my visitor is strapped in already. “you know something I don’t?” I ask him. He grins and just says “hold on”

I hear Master fighting to find the right gear. He slams it in and revs the engine up  to speed as we hit a downgrade. I can’t see his face because I’m behind him but the officer is watching him intently. I can feel the truck picking up speed as the snow flies past, looking like a million red and blue fireflies. The night takes on a surreal tone as things fade into the background, the snow my focal point that’s keeping me quiet. The crash comes as a surprise to me as I’m thrown forward against the webbing. I don’t remember what happened next, only waking up, tangled in the webbing, the officer saying not to move, that it was imperative I stay awake. I’m cold and tasting blood when he asks if I’m hurt. I whimper because it hurts to move my jaw. His voice is so soothing and I’m so cold. Please just jet me sleep.

Three days later I wake up in a hospital in California, my jaw wired shut to heal from the fracture. I have three broken ribs and these really weird bruises EVERYWHERE. I have a tube in my nose and wires everywhere and I’m looking into the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen. I recognize him as the officer that had been with us. I motioned for paper and pen and asked him “is he dead?” He grew a somber look and nodded “I’m sorry, he is” I smiled and wrote “I’m not”

Alex visited me every day I was in the hospital, talking to me for hours at a time, once I’d healed enough to talk, I talked his ears off. He was awarded a  medal for bravery for his quick thinking in our situation but, he secretly told me that it was me that saved him. He was so cute. When he tried to tell me he was grateful it took him a bit. He wasn’t sure why I had sex with our captor so he asked and I said “would you turn down a girls offer of sex?” He bushed cutely and claimed the fifth. He kissed me softly that night when he left.

After a month in the hospital, it was time for me to go. Alex offered to take me to the airport and I accepted. He had even gone out and gotten me some new clothes to wear. Such a fine man. I do hope he’s doing well and has found himself a loving partner. He deserves it.

I met the police at the airport. They had an officer to escort me back to Denver for testimony. I fied the report with them and I went home to my mother. It was almost like I’d never been gone. We fought that night and I left, back to the life I knew and thought I deserved. Sorry Alex, some promises are too hard to keep.

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  1. Sounds great. Write it into a book, and make millions!!


  2. I wanted you to know that I’m printing your stories to share with my children when they are older. They need to understand that people really do have these experiences, and people like you are the reason we must be kind (not nice — kind — I’m betting that you know the difference better than anyone I’ve ever known) to one another. The people who used you in this way did terrible, terrible things, and I’m grateful you survived to tell the tale. Slavery’s real, even in these enlightened times. I’m sorry that you had to be part of the proof of that.

    And I agree with katejohns — you should write a book.

    Peace be with you.


  3. I agree, you should write a book.


  4. I like this site so much, saved to bookmarks. “Respect for the fragility and importance of an individual life is still the mark of an educated man.” by Norman Cousins.


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