The Road (thankfully) less traveled   2 comments

“Here, use this” he hands me a Big Gulp cup. I look at him in astonishment “you want me to pee in this?” “it’s that or the side of the road and it’s 15 below out there. You got a coat?” I sigh, supposing I should be grateful for his kindness. He watches me as I  almost fill the vessel. He hands me a tissue and I hand him the cup. “Am I going to be allowed food today, Master?” He tosses the urine out the window then turns back to me “I gotta get you something to wear first. We get to a Wal-Mart and I’ll get ya a dress and coat but you have to earn them.” I nod and sit on the bed, giving him my best seductive smile “Like this, Master?” He grins and comes to me with a growl “good little slut, you learn fast.”

He makes sure the chains are tightly locked, this time around my wrists, ankles and waist He hasn’t even gotten my measurements yet and I’m worried he’ll get the wrong size. He locks the door and goes into the store. I fall asleep as I wait for his return and dream about my mother, She told me to be strong, To keep my eyes open and come home. I woke with tears on my cheeks and an ache in my heart. Looking out the windshield, I let the tears flow. The chains holding my frail body were nothing compared to the weight of the pain I felt in my heart. I had just given myself to my jailer for a DRESS for crying out loud. Was this what God wanted for me? I’d been through so much in my young life…

All too soon he was back with a couple of bags. He jokes about things and seems in a really good mood now. He unchained me and hands me a bag “lets see you in this” I take out the dress and slip it over my head, It’s a little tighter than I like but it pleases him. He hands me shoes with tall heels and I slip them on. He had gotten my shoe size from me do they fit and were so pretty. I smiled at him and thanked him sweetly. I was learning to take everything with gratitude. He handed me a coat with the softest liner I’d ever felt. He nodded and said “only when I say will you wear those. Now. undress, I have something you WILL wear.” I quickly stripped and he handed me a flimsy nylon nighty that covered nothing really. I shivered, feeling even more exposed than while naked!

He chuckles and starts the engine. Looks back at me again an growls softly before putting the rig in gear. “Oh, got something else for you” He tosses back a bag that thumps on the floor. I get the bag and open it. Grabbing things out and tearing them open, stuffing the sweet Strawberry cakes into my mouth, I realised I hadn’t eaten in a week. He made sure I had water, he kept track of my output. He tells me to come up front and sit in the passenger seat so I grab the bag of food and head to the chair, looking around the cab with wonder. I’d only seen it on my way in and missed so much. He tells me that he needs me to keep him awake. We have to be in Memphis by morning and he needs a distraction. We talked for hours as he drove and listened to music. It was snowing when we hit Memphis and found where we needed to be and went to sleep.

Most of the days and weeks that followed went this way. He would drive and we would talk. He would use me then quickly fall asleep with me in his arms. I started being comfortable calling him Master. Made sense since the only other name I’d ever heard him called was his CB handle. I loved that CB. He never  knew I talked on it when he’d leave me untied. Many times I told people that I was a captive but they thought I was just a kid playing on a home base or something. I began to understand that what Master was saying was true. No one cared. After being told that if I wanted to be arrested for false reporting, I stopped trying. I didn’t want to go to jail. I wanted to go home!

It would take a miracle to get me home. I didn’t believe I had any more coming. Besides, he wasn’t that bad. He fed me, gave me clothes and all he wanted was sex.  I could do that… I’d been trained, after all.

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  1. I will be there for your book signing days!


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