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Dreams came to me tonight. The two hours of sleep I got were aparently very productive and now the words are insisting on erupting  again. The past couple of days I’ve had suggestions to put my words  into book form. It is time, I believe. Too many signs pointing to the deal to NOT do it. Perhaps I can use some of the proceeds to help those in need to get out of this hell I went through. The addictions, the abuse, all my life I’ve been wondering why me. Now perhaps I’ve found out my path. With the encouragement of my newfound friends here, I will put my life to paper. The tags will give some insight.


Hold me…. I’m afraid…

14 responses to “Decisions

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  1. Just informing people that this type of thing can happen could be enough. Look at what you have already survived, this is a piece of cake!


  2. I see this being successful in so many facets. I will be cheering and encouraging and learning from you. I am in the process of writing a book as well…..well, I take that back. I have the title for my book and a couple of pages written…ha ha. I am happy for you. You have a superior command of getting your story across.


    • One of the greatest gifts my mother gave me was my love of the written word. Something I’ll forever be greatfulof. Thank you for reading and commenting. The encouragement means so much to me. I think if one has a story to tell, no matter what, it will be told, eventually.


  3. Wow you go sis! Do it! Love you :). *HUGS* I’ll be here for you :). Somewhere :). Via Skype or even XBOX Live 🙂


  4. Do it! One of the reasons we experience trials is so we can help others get through theirs. I have a deep concern about young girls desperately looking for love. You have much to give.


  5. Holding you tight through shared word and hope. You can do this, look what you have done already!

    Just keep trekking forward and don’t give up even on days when you need a break. take your breaks as long as needed to re-heal, recover, and realize moving forward is the only way.

    Many blessings ~


  6. Babes, I was just thinking. The publishing industry is changing so fast that right now is is a bit of a blur. Your really should investigate publishing your own book, online publishing, etc etc etc. Amanda Hocking was turned down by publishers and published her books as ebooks and sold them forr 99c. Today she does not regret it. Look at the story here

    Anway, what I am saying is that there are many ways to skin a cat and today we have options.



  7. From my perspective, particularly, working in the entertainment industry, it’s a made for film/TV story! Actresses would be killing each other for the part!!!
    As you know from following my blog, I’m also trying to write about an abusive childhood, so I know how hard it is. If it daunts you too much emotionally, maybe try writing it in the third person, as if it were happening to someone else? Then later, after it’s written and you’re so inclined, you can switch it all automatically to “I” instead of “she”.
    Please try, though, because as everyone says, it will inspire others that there IS hope for childhood survival into adulthood.
    Write it in bits and we’ll all read it and encourage you.
    There’s your hugs. OOO 🙂


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