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She got to the corner of Colfax and Yosemite and leaned against the pole. It was snowing hard, already up to her ankles and she was trying to get the money for a room. Her man had tossed her out of the house with her backpack and a bloody nose an hour ago and now she waited, bundled up as she can in her light coat. She shivered as the wind cut through the now wet material and felt miserable, watching as the cars drove by, feeling dejected and thinking of her mother’s house. In  her mind’s eye, she saw her mother baking bread for Christmas and smiling. Christmas… Was it truly only a day away? Her shoulders fell as a lump grew in her throat. Christmas… It’s been a year since she left her husband and son behind. Now her mind slips to her baby boy, trying to remember what he looked like.

A car pulls up and honks, the man inside motioning her over. She recognizes him as a regular and scurries over, jumping into the warm car gratefully. “Angel, what the fuck you doing out here today? You trying to kill yourself?” He asks as she slams the door “No, my man kicked me out of the house and I gotta make some rent.” She puts her hands against the blower, warming them as he drives off “Well, I can help you with a place to stay if you want. I got a proposition for you.” She looks at him and grins “oh really?” He laughed and shook his head “not like that babe. A LEGIT job” She looks at him surprised “A REAL job? really??” “Yeah, I have a sex line I need man… WOmanned” He laughs at his wit and she chuckled “sex line, you mean like talking dirty to someone?” He nods “yep, exactly. I love your voice, it’s sultry and sexy, young and fresh and damn you know how to describe what you’re doing.” She blushed and giggled, knowing he was truthful and would know. This guy was a lot different because he only wanted to hear her describe what she was fantasizing about and had never done anything but talk the entire time she’d known him. “Besides that, hun, it would get you off the streets and safe for the winter. You can stay at the office up in the loft and work when someone calls. I’ll train you in the paperwork and you can get started tonight.” She thought about it for a minute and said “Can we get McDs and talk about it more? I’m hungry” He laughed and drove into the parking lot to park “Sure, lunch is on me”

They talked and ate, watching the snow building against the window and she decided to work with him. He was a very convincing man and she REALLY hated being cold. After lunch they went to the office and went in. He showed her around, introducing to those there. He had a photo studio in the back for filming and such. Upstairs was a loft, overlooking the office below and this is where she had a mattress set up for sleeping. It was a very easy job and she often had calls asking for all sorts of fantasy things. One night a man called and wanted a daddy themed fantasy, another wanted to hear her actually having sex. She grew in her imagination and conversation skills over the cold months and on slow days, her coworkers would engage her in video making. She was oftentimes behind the camera, a natural cameraman who seemed to have a natural knack for getting the right angles and zooms. They rarely ever did scenes over with her running the camera.

After one particularly long video making night, her boss came to her and asked her to do something new for him. She was to be a “fluffer” Which is someone who makes sure a man can get hard for the next sex scene. She worked as one for a bit, doing whatever worked for the movies sake. She didn’t really care, it was a job and it made some damned good money. The guys were really pleased and she loved the attention she got from them. They often brought her gifts and were nice to her.

After a few months it started getting warm again and she was getting antsy. She felt the draw of the streets again and on nights when she wasn’t working on the set, she’d hit the streets again. Her body aching for something, mind desperate for something else to fill her emptiness. She wandered the streets, working them like a fine tuned engine. She was the night and it was young, full of life and wonder….  and men. Always the men. Even on slow nights she was busy, sometimes going from one car to the next as fast as she could. She worked hard, long hours, only going to sleep if there hadn’t been a trick in an hour or the sun started coming up.

She was asked to perform in one of the videos in March. She asked what she would be paid. They negotiated and settled on a price, the filming to begin the next day. That night she tried to take the night off but ended up on Colfax at 3 AM, just walking and thinking. Her heart was heavy but she didn’t know why. She sat at a bus stop to rest and look around. She realised she was alone, no cars driving by, not even the sound of crickets or wind. It was almost like she was the last person on Earth. For the moment, the world stood still and she felt completely at peace.  She smiled.

Posted March 4, 2012 by I'm taking a nap in Memoirs

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