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He picked me up on the corner and drove across town, chatting nervously with me till we got to the motel. He went in and paid for the room then drove the car to the door. After we got in he asked me what I’d charge. Money exchanged hands and we had sex. He was a bit different from every other guy that day. He tied me to the bed and whipped me with his belt before using me roughly for a while. I cried and screamed as he beat me, my voice muffled by a cloth forced into my mouth. He untied me after he finished with me and told me to go shower. When I started the water, he got dressed and left. I just sat on the edge of the tub crying from the pain. I didn’t care that he’d used me so hard. I was used to that but, I hadn’t had a belt used on me since my father had beaten me. I sat there crying for what seemed like hours before I turned off the water and got dressed.

 I pull back the edge of the curtain to look outside and sees a number of officers standing outside by their cars, looking in the direction of my room. My blood ran cold “no, damn it, not now you fuck” I went into the back, looking for a bathroom window or some other way out. Damned window had bars on it! I sat on the bed and thought, my hands shaking as I chewed her nails. I could call her man. He’d be pissed that I was so far from their turf but damn, what else was I supposed to do? I thought a bit longer and peeked outside again. Still there, damned cops were STILL there. “What the hell are they waiting for?” I grumbled. Just then one officer walked toward the room and I dropped the curtain. The loud rapping on the door made my heart jump into my throat. I went to the door and peeked out “yes?” My voice sounded surer than I felt. “You alone in their young lady?” he asked. I nodded “yes sir, I am. Why?” He pushed the door gently and I let the door open “What’s the problem officer?” He looked around the room then back at me “Whats the name of the guy that rented this room?” His eyes locked on mine as I  stammered “I… I don’t know. He rented the room for me because I needed someplace to sleep tonight.” He frowned and nodded suspiciously “you homeless then?” I looked down “Yes Sir, I… I am” “How old are you?” he asks. “Seventeen, sir.” My voice shook as I answered him. He nodded and sighed, motioning to his partner who had listened from beside the doorway. “You heard her, right?” “Yeah, I heard. Did he have sex with you, young lady?” The new, older looking, officer asked. I blushed and nodded. The first officer clenched his jaw and turned from me to the door, leaving me with his partner. “Did he pay you for sex, young lady?” He asked softly “oh no Sir, I… we had sex because he paid for the room… it.. it was… I slept with him for a place to stay…. was that illegal?” I bit my lip worriedly as he rubbed his hand over his face “not technically but, you are a minor and he is an adult. He could go to jail” He looked at me carefully “He didn’t force you, did he?” I looked at the floor and started to cry. He came to me and pulled me gently into his arms and spoke softly “It’s ok hun. Your safe. Did he rape you?” I nodded, sobbing into his chest. He sighed and guided me out of the room to the car “She claims he raped her. We need to get her to the hospital for a rape kit” The younger officer opened the back door of the car and helped me in then closed the door. The officers stood outside for a few minutes talking then got into the car and drove me to the hospital.

The doctor was abrupt and short with me as he asked the first questions. He told me to undress over a big piece of paper. I stepped onto the paper and, as I removed my shirt, I felt something pull on my back. The nurse walked behind me and gasped “ok hun, stop right there and don’t move. I’ve got to get the doctor” She rushed out as I looked at the female officer “Did I do something wrong?” “No hun, she just needs the doctor to look at your back. It’s pretty bad” The officer said. I nodded and stood there, shivering, till the nurse came in with a camera in hand and the doctor behind her. They took pictures and told me to continue to undress, taking pictures as the rest of the damage was revealed. They measured the wounds, took pictures, tended the worst of the wounds and had me get into the stirrups for the exam. The doctor explained what was being done as he performed the exam and I just laid there zoning out.

After the exam I was taken to the police station for more questions, more photos and more waiting. I just wanted to go to sleep. At 2 AM they took me back to the motel and I went in, falling into a deep sleep. Checkout time was 10 AM and I just took them another nights worth of cash and went back to sleep. At 8 PM I hit the streets and started working. Twenty tricks in 6 hours and I was done. I was tired and sore so I went back to bed till morning,  When I left in the  morning, I noticed the name of the motel. The Pig N Whistle. Weird.

Posted March 4, 2012 by I'm taking a nap in Memoirs

6 responses to “Pig N Whistle

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  1. I noticed you started in third person and then switched to first towards the end. How did that feel? Was third person to write in or not? I’m curious because I’m wondering if that would work better for my own family stories – help me unblock a bit about talking about them. Also, I must comment on your writing style. It’s flowing well the more you do it. You have a natural gift as a writer. Keep it up! 🙂


    • I found it easier to write in third person for this. It was a suggestion from someone a few days ago and I thought I’d try it. It felt strange at first but I did find, interestingly, that it didn’t feel as strong emotionally. It was a little harder to go back and redo it in first person though lol. I’m not a real good proofreader.


    • Thank you for the encouragemenr! Third person seems easier but not as theraputic. I might need to think about what my personal goal here is, whether I’m writng this for someone else or truly for my own healing. Maybe a draft for me and a rewrite for the public… Hard to decide.


  2. no matter how you write – it is captivating. I found your post on my phone this morning and made sure i had time to sit and read it on my computer to really be able to take it in. Have you thought about how you will write it? Format? are we all pushing you into something you never thought possible?
    Keep it going!


    • Testing out the thirs person format at the moment. The last post was surprisingly easy but not as cathartic. Maybe it’s just me today I dunno. I’m definately leaning to self E-publishing. It seems easy enough with the programs I’ve found. We’ll see what happens. Still a ot more wrting to do before I get to that point 🙂 TY for the good thoughts hun, it IS helping but pushing? NAH, more like when someone helps a toddler learn to walk. Of course I never thought it would be printed, heavens I ony recently started even TELLING my story lol.


  3. I was the one who suggested you try the third person format, and I’m finding it interesting reading both as you go back and forth. You’re right, you have to decide why you’re writing it, and who for, and then maybe you’ll just naturally go with the style you feel suits it best. I think probably as a memoir you should go with first person because it does feel far more as if it happened to you.


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