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I’m walking my usual round today. From the capital building to Yosemite is about 5 miles, I think. Not that I even try to count but today I’m bored and count the blocks. Twenty three and a trick, three more and a John. Seven cops in ten blocks or one cop checking me out seven times. GOD I’m BORED today…

I stop at a bus stop and sit down next to a curly-haired guy who’s kinda cute. I strike up a conversation with him and ask him if he’s busy. He says no so I ask him if he wants to get laid. He looks at me, surprised and laughs. “Sure” is his response. I take him by the hand and all but drag him to the bushes. We have sex behind the bushes, making all sorts of noise but I don’t care. We get done and I ask him his name “Steve” he says with a chuckle then asks me mine “Angel” is my response. He laughs as he helps me up “No, you aren’t an Angel. You should change your name to slut or devil” I laugh and saunter off  down Colfax. Satisfied… for now.

I do a few tricks and that cop is sitting in the parking lot when I get out of the second car. He motions me over to him with a frown. I groan and walk over to him, smiling a fake smile. “Can I help you officer?” I ask innocently. He laughs and grabs my wrist tightly, his voice low “I know you’ve done at least three tricks, girl. What you charging them?” I swallow hard, my stomach tightening fearfully as I answer “Twenty dollars” “Give me ten and from now on, you’ll give me a third of what you get. You do what I say and I’ll keep an eye out for you” He pulls me closer to him as I take out my money and hand him a ten. I look at his badge quickly and he grabs my throat “Report me, slut, and they’ll find your lifeless body in an alley somewhere. Got it?” I nod and whimper, tears coming to my eyes. He lets me go and folds the ten, putting it into his shirt pocket. I stand there, dumbly staring at him till he chuckles and says “Don’t you have a cock or three to suck, slut?” I turn and walk, shakily, back to the corner, tears streaming down my face.

 Jamina watches me from across the street, only coming over after he’s gone. “Got ya, did he?” She asks as she folds her arms around me. I nod and break down, sobbing “He scared the hell out of me!” She sighs and strokes my head “He’s been doin that for ten years now, that I know of. Jus do what he tells ya and you’ll be aight.” She guides me over to the White Spot and we go inside for a bite to eat. “Ya gotta stay calm” She tells me “He’s jus a bully” I know she’s right but I’m already terrified of cops. I tell her about the rape and she nods, listening as she eats “Happens allatime, honey. Ya jus gotta roll  wit it and get ovah it. We all been there. Dis ain’t tha life fer tha weak, honeychil. Ya gotta be strong. Jus play along an you’ll live. I been doin this ten years now an I know. Them men kin be bastards but they gots tha cash, yanno” “I know, but, damnit why they have to be so mean all the time?” I ask through my tears. “I don’t think I can do this anymore. I just don’t know what else to do” She looks at me for the longest time and sighs “Come on, you need to get cleaned up”

She pays the ticket and we go into the bathroom. She locks the door and pulls a small pouch from her pocket “I’m gon give you somethin ta calm you down, babe. Not too much cause it’s my stash but ya need it.” Jamina taps some white powder onto the counter and hands me a tiny straw “Jus suck it up wit yo nose, like dis” She puts it to my nose, closing the opposite one with a slender, brown finger. I do like she says, holding the straw to the powder and snorting it up. I feel like a vacuüm cleaner and start to laugh. She giggles as she taps out some more powder and snorts it up herself. “Damn, what was that?” I ask. She looks at me with a toothy grin “Coke, sistah. Tha good shit. You know, pure snow” My head begins to get fuzzy and I feel GREAT. I grab her and kiss her passionately before laughing and heading to the toilet to pee.

I spend the rest of the night in a bit of a blur. I turned a few tricks then went home, stopping by the Churches and grabbing a box of chicken to share with the cat. As I walk home, Steve is standing at the bus stop near my apartment. I invite him to my place for dinner.

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  1. Your memoirs really show a candid side of life I would have never known about. I read through, and I am happy that you will be able to turn your epic journey through life into print. Good Luck!

    And, hydrocodone does barely nothing for me, But my doctors are extremely reluctant to have even prescribed me that for my breakthrough pain. In fact, I have high tolerance to opiods, for some natural reason.

    I remember I took one dilaudid after a family member’s back problem, she had two extra. I still remember how wonderful those 4-6 hours felt. Pain-free, enjoyed a movie without having to get up constantly, and pay attention. They always give me more focus and energy, any opiods. I am afraid to ask for something regular though. Doctors are so strict with these things, I understand why, for the high potential of abuse. But is it so bad to want to have a few pain-free hours during one day of the week at least?


    • I’m the same way. the pain is gone so I can think and it’s SO nice for a few hours. That’s when I get most of my writing done! I can sit and CONCENTRATE for a while and the world is good again. I told my doctor just that and, whats funny is, he told me that NONE of his fibro patients are addicted to the pain killers because we are so intent on NOT taking them. We will wait till the pain is intolerable before we take our pills! Why? Because we don’t want to get addicted! DUH!


  2. You’re an excellant straight-forward writer ~ always providing, it seems, emotional impact. I’ve read two of your pieces now & hope to read more by n’ by…


  3. where did you go? it’s been a while.


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