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I’ve worked for a couple of hours and Steve just came by to pick up the money I’ve made. I suppose you’d say he’s my pimp now but I don’t think of him that way. I consider him more of a business partner. I make the money, he takes it and pays bills and makes sure we have a place to live. Since he got here from Wyoming and hunted me down here on the streets, things have been better. He apologized and we are back together.

 It’s Christmas eve again and I’m cold. I’ve gotten a room in a new motel and changed to Aurora. Maybe it’ll be a better night tonight. A guy comes up and chats for a minute before asking if I’m selling. We get into the room and he gives me the money. He goes into the bathroom and I hide the money behind the picture as someone knocks on the door.

It’s the police and I run back to the bathroom and talk through the door. “the cops are at the door” He sounds odd as he replies “Don’t open the door, they’ll go away if you just don’t answer” I’m doubtful as I stand by the door, biting my lip. “I can’t go to jail tonight!” The police knock again and this time they call my name. “Come on Angel, we know you’re in there. Let’s get this over with” I’m really shaking now and remember the coke I have in my pocket. I whisper “shit shit they can’t find this shit” I take the baggy from my pocket and open it up, toss the crumbs and all into my mouth. It’s bitter and I shudder as I swallow it down with a Pepsi from the counter.

He comes out of the bathroom as the police knock again, stronger “I don’t think they’re leaving” I say. He walks over to the door and opens it “Can I help you?” He asks. They pull him outside and a female officer comes in. “Angel, don’t you know that we don’t take to hookers in Aurora?” I look at her and frown. Her face is familiar but I know I’ve never been arrested by her. She laughs and tells me to sit on the bed. I’m shivering as she asks me what was going on and I tell her that I’d met him outside and we were going to have sex. “So you just met him and you’re going to have sex? Did he pay you?” She asks. I laugh “Nah, it’s Christmas eve. I was just looking to get laid tonight. What else is a man supposed to give a woman he just met on Christmas eve?” She laughs and shakes her head “Well I’ll see what my partner says. You sit right there” She steps outside and talks to her partner for a bit then comes in and hands me a candy cane “You’re free tonight, he said the same thing you did. Take the night off and suck on this instead” She leaves me, laughing as she walks out the door, closing it behind her. I suddenly remember where I know her from. She was a guard at the county jail last time I was there.

I’m starting to feel the drugs in my system as I sit there on the bed, sucking on the candy. I wonder how the hell she knew my name. I think for a while as I watch the snow falling outside my window. I come to the realization that I have become too well-known here and that I need to either stop working or move to a different city.

New York sounds good and it’ll be New Years soon. I could watch the ball drop! That would be SO cool. Maybe I could celebrate my 19th birthday in style. Laying there on my back I remember the money behind the picture. Taking it and putting it into my tiny purse, I make up my mind. Tomorrow I’m going to New York.

Posted March 21, 2012 by I'm taking a nap in Memoirs

3 responses to “Christmas Candy

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  1. always fascinating and leaves me wanting to read more.


  2. I never miss one of your posts. I hope you’ll post when your book is coming out; I’d love to give it a plug on my blog and Facebook.


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