Big Apple Road Trip   2 comments

    I wake up in the morning and get my clothes ready. I pack my backpack and hobo bag I can slip over my shoulder. Steve is at work by now so I leave him a note telling him goodbye and head out the door.  I stop by the Churches and grab a 5 piece chicken and  some biscuits then hit the liquor store for a big bottle of pop and a fifth of Jack Daniels. I get onto the city bus that will take me as close to the freeway as possible. I grab a bottled water at the 7-11 by the freeway entrance then hit the road. I walk about a mile before getting my first ride.

A young guy stops his pickup and I run up to the passenger window. “How far you going?” He asks. I laugh “New York” He shakes his head and says “Hop in, I’ll take you as far as I’m going.”  I toss my backpack in the back of the truck and jump in the cab “Thanks!” I smile when I get in and slam the door, asking “So, how far are you going?” “Just to Byers but it’ll get you away from the city before rush hour is over.” His response spoken as he hits the gas. We talk small talk till he pulls off the highway and into a mom and pop type store. The guy gives me 20 bucks “for the road” before I get out. Nice guy. I thank him sweetly and get my bag from the bed of the truck.

   I resettle the packs on my back as I start walking back to the highway. Not long afterward a van pulls up and the passenger asks if I need a ride. I could smell the weed inside as I get in “Where ya goin sista?” asks a cute black chick in the back “New York” I tell her as I slip between the people “Oh, Toms going there. ‘m sure he won’t mind another babe in wit us.Will ya Tom?” From the front seat I hear “You know the rules. Grass, ass or cash, that’s all it takes to ride!” I dig into my pocket and hand up the twenty “That’s all the cash I got but I got all the ass you can handle if that isn’t enough.” There’s laughter all around and the black girl high fives me then asks me for a cigarette.

  Looking around the inside of the van as they pass a joint around, I notice it has a small bed in back that the girl is sitting on, smoking. “Sweet ride” I comment with a grin. “Me or the van?” she asks with a chuckle. I look her over and giggle “Both, truthfully” The guys closest to us bust out laughing and let out a whoop of excitement “Oh yeah, girl action!” One yells. The driver yells back “Not unless I can watch. I need some ass too you know!” They all laugh as I climb over the back of my seat to sit with her on the bed. 

  She rolls a joint as I ay on the bed, talking to her. We’re all talking and smoking, getting to know each other a bit as we’re going down the road. After a couple of hours, we stop for a pee and gas. All together, there are seven of us. Five guys and two girls.The guys go into the store while I pump the gas. Sassy goes in with a big tote that looks about half full. She and the guys come back out after I finish pumping the gas then we hit the road again.

  Back on the highway, Sassy opens her bag and dumps out a few candy bars, bags of chips, a loaf of bread and two packs of bologna. I laugh and shake my head “Got lunch, did you?” “Hell yeah I did. Them sons a bitches ain’t gon see me evah gin so why not? They gets lotsa money offa folks. They kin give sum food to tha cause” Cocking my head I ask “What cause?” She laughs “Tha causa my stomach makin noise at me!” We all roar with laughter for a bit. I throw together some sandwiches and pass them around while she rolls a couple more joints.

 The second day we are on the road, we stop at a rest area in Kansas. We all sit around a picnic table, talking and stretching our legs. Tom tells us we’re going to need gas by nightfall and we need to get some money. I offer myself for part of the money-making effort but the guys have something else in mind. Sassy laughs and takes my hand, telling me we need to let the guys talk. We grab our bags and head into the bathroom to freshen up. While we are in washing up, she tells me that the guys want us to themselves so us working wouldn’t be an option for them unless they HAD to. I ask her what they were going to do and she replies “They have their ways”

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