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What to my wondering eyes should appear,first thing this morning, but an award that says what I’ve always been told by my friends! Sexwithdexx has nominated me for this award and I’m so very grateful for the support and encouragement from such an awesome writer. This is exactly what I needed this morning. Thank you!


Well, Here’s where I’m supposed  to write an embarrassing or awkward  intimate moment per the rules so, here goes. Though it’s kinda weird coming on the heels of what I usually write lol.

After the death of my second husband, I moved back to Denver to be near my mother and family. I moved in with my younger brothers best friend about a month after we met, sort of a friends/roommates with benefits thing. Neither of us wanted  relationship but the sex was mind blowing.

  Now, M lived in a 1 bedroom apartment and so I was sharing the bed with him. No brainer there huh. My little brothers apartment building had burned down so he was sleeping on the couch. He worked two jobs so was home long enough to sleep and shower most days.

 One particular day, M and I were having a day in bed, as was oft our deal on his day off. We had woken up late and, feeling particularly frisky, I decided to get on top. Usually quite vocal during orgasm, I am especially noisy when on top for some reason. This time was no different.

 After a while of lovemaking, my orgasm was so intense that I shouted. “Damn, damn DAMN!!” As I collapse over M, my younger brother bursts into the room and says “What the fuck are you doing….. oh… um.. damn sis.. ” and he backs out, blushing.

After M and I get dressed, me giggling the whole time, we go out in the living roo, where my brother is sitting, looking sheepishly at us. I laugh and sat down beside him “What’s wrong Tim?” I ask. His response is “When I ca,e in from work, I heard you yelling and thought you were yelling my name…. I hope I was wrong… considering what I saw..” I’m confused for a minute then he continues “um… you weren’t calling MY name when… you know… THEN?”

It dawned on me… he thought I was calling out his name in my moment of passion! I don’t know what was more embarrassing, that or him seeing me stuffed full of his best friend!

Now, to award someone else for the award..


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  1. LOL!!!!!!!


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