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A Slut for Everyone {NSFW}   2 comments

Weeks go past and my new life is full. I’m on the truck with Richard, traveling from one side of the country to the other, talking and singing, fucking like rabbits and snuggling when we can. I’m growing more and more to love him and will do anything he asks me to do. We have others in the truck with us sometimes. A couple of times he stops and picks up hitchhikers and, while he’s driving, I have sex with the hiker. I love sex and Richard makes sure I get as much as I want. As long as I’m a good girl.

I find myself needing more and more sex. I masturbate a lot, both in the sleeper and on the seat as he’s driving. When we stop for fuel and have enough time, he lets me get on the radio and get someone to come over for sex. It’s like a drug for me, I can’t sleep if I don’t have sex and sometimes I find myself waking up in the middle of the night, aching for sex. He stops one night and we go into a sex shop where he buys me a dildo and a butt plug. He tells me to wear the plug often and I’m almost always using the dildo. I’m becoming such a wanton slut!


We pull into the truck stop and the first thing I notice is that we are right next to an adult theater. Richard looks at me and grins then silently goes into the sleeper and grabs my collar and leash. We go into the theater and sit in the front row of seats, a porn show is on the screen and he leans over to me to whisper in my ear “you will get naked and kneel on the floor in front of me. If anyone asks me, I will let them have you in any way they want” Instantly I’m so hot! I whimper heatedly “but what if I don’t WANT to?” He frowns, the screen reflecting off his glasses “do it or I’ll beat your ass right here and then make you anyway” I moan and slip my dress over my head, the only thing I am wearing is my heels, garter and stockings.

It doesn’t take long before I’m on all fours being used. One in my ass and another one in my mouth. They are fucking me hard and I’m gagging on the thick cock in my mouth but he doesn’t stop. With each gag, his cock goes deeper into my throat till he finally cums, forcing me to swallow or suffocate. No sooner than one finishes than another mounts me, this time taking my ass fully as another thrusts a smaller cock into my mouth. Before the night is done, I’ve had twenty men in my mouth and lost track of the ones in my ass and pussy. I’m dripping cum from every orifice imaginable when the lights come on. I’m surrounded by dozens of men and I know I’ve had every one of them. As I kneel there, shaking and dripping, I’m commanded to kiss every cock and thank them. Richard is sitting there looking smug as the men all get the kiss and turn and leave, the nights fun over with. I’m sticky and exhausted. He hands me my dress and I slip it over my head then get to my feet and, with his arm around me, we head to the truck for our gear and a shower in the truck stop.

As we lay in the truck, my body throbbing and weak, he looks at me a moment before asking “did you enjoy yourself, slut?” I moan softly and snuggle against him, answering sleepily “yes, Master, I did. Thank you for tonight” He smirks and strokes my face, his voice a whisper as I drift off to sleep “good….. good…. my little whore…. ”


Three weeks later we are in Brownsville for a drop off and have to wait for a few days before we get a load out so I clean out the truck, wash our clothes at the laundry mat and Richard decides to cross the border into Mexico for the evening. We walk down the streets, looking into the shops and Richard buys me a filmy white dress that is almost see through. We wander for hours from one place to another till I’m quite lost and very tired.

He walks me into a place with loud music and the smell of beer wafting from the door around midnight. Inside are some rather seedy looking fellows that watch us warily as we take a seat in a booth near the back of the room. Richard leaves me for a few minutes and I order a couple burgers and drinks from the waitress who, thankfully, spoke a little English. Richard introduces me to a man that comes back with him and, as we eat and drink, they speak to each-other in Spanish. I’m silent unless I’m spoken to which seems to please the man immensely. He asks me to dance a little bit and we head to the floor where he and I dance to a fast number, me all the while grateful for my step grandfathers dancing lessons when I was little. The man was VERY happy with my moves and, when we went back to the table, he offered Richard two thousand dollars.

Richard looks me over for a moment before he nods. The man laughs and slaps him on the shoulder as he takes out his wallet. I’m stunned. My body is completely numb as I watch him take the money and get up. He looks at me for a long time before turning away and heading for the door. Before he gets to the door I cry out “Richard?? Richard PLEASE! Please don’t do this!! Please don’t leave me! Stop, lets talk please, what did I do?!?” The man I was sold to strikes me across the face and grabs my hair, pulling me into the back room as I scream for Richard to help me.

The man throws me into a room with a larger man who smells horrible. He laughs as I kneel on the floor sobbing hysterically. He says something to a woman who emerges from a dark corner of the room.  She helps me to my feet without a word, leads me into another room and tells me to strip and put on the dress Richard had bought. I’m starting to go numb again, tears drying on my face as I do as I’m told. She takes my clothes and places them in a trunk by a bed then comes to me with a sad look in her eyes “you have been sold into slavery. You are a lovely girl and I know you will survive IF you do as you are told. Do not speak to the men. They will have sex with you and you will not complain. You will enjoy it…” she looks at me knowingly “you will enjoy it, even if you do not. Understand?” I nod and look down, whispering “I understand” She lifts my chin and smiles “I will not chain you tonight but only because you will sleep with Domingo”

She takes my hand and leads me into a large bedroom where a very fat man lays on the bed. She leans over to kiss my cheek and whispers “please him and you will have much freedom. Call me if he falls asleep, I’m Savannah, my room is next door.” Then she turns and smiles at the fat man, says something to him in Spanish and pushes me toward him. I am thoroughly repulsed by the smell emanating from this blob of flesh and am really wondering what in the hell I can do to please him. I doubt I could find his dick as I climb into his arms and snuggle against his sweaty flesh.

He pulls me on top of him and has me sit on his massive lap. He caresses my arms with his meaty hands, lifting my dress over my head, talking softly to me in his language. He smiles as he finds my naked body warm and wanting. I can’t help but react to him as he slips a thick finger between my legs and into my dampness. I gasp and arch myself against him, feeling his fat hand sliding into my darkness. My mind numbing as my body takes over, falling into the sweetness of sex, soothing the wound left by Richards betrayal. He lifts a large fold of flab and I find his erect cock, no bigger than a thumb, with my mouth. Suckling his tiny manhood like a calf on a teet, I fight the tears that threaten to overwhelm me. I fight the feelings, blocking them finally as my body takes over. I become blissfully mind numb as wave after wave of physical pleasure washes over me. The man is tireless, even after a number of his own orgasms. I’m fingered, licked and toyed with for hours and only when the sun filters through the windows does he pull me into his arms for sleep. I squirm against him, my body not wanting to stop. His thick hand slams onto my ass, punishingly, as he barks a word sharply. I yelp and I stop moving, his snores quickly filling the room. Somehow, I drift off into a torturous sleep, dreaming of Richard.

Just a girl with needs {NSFW!!}   4 comments

I wake in the middle of pitch black darkness. There’s a hardness pressed against my butt and his arm is now draped across my neck. His soft snores are all I can hear as I lay there, wide awake. My body shivers with each breath he takes, his hardness twitching against my soft skin. I ease out of my pants and scoot against him, trapping the head of his cock between my ass cheeks. My body squirms against him, each breath he takes creates waves of need in me. I push harder against him, feeling the tip of him slipping between my wet folds and into my throbbing pussy. I moan softly as I slowly move, feeling him growing even harder and longer with my movements. I only feel the tip slipping in and out of the hole, catching the lip and giving me painful pleasure with each stroke. I move only my hips, slowly so I don’t wake him, my body harder to control with the passing seconds. Breaths coming in gasps as I start to peak, grunts of lust slipping from my lips as he grabs my hips and thrusts hard into me. I cry out needfully, gasping and clawing the back wall of the sleeper as my body erupts passionately. He fucks me hard for a few more strokes then, biting my shoulder, he grunts his seed into me.

Breathing hard, he pulls my sweating body against his, kissing my shoulder and neck and chuckling “mmmm what a firey little slut you are!” I giggle and turn to him, kissing him tenderly and biting his bottom lip. “Hope you don’t mind. I  couldn’t help myself” He grins and kisses me again “I don’t mind a bit darlin. Not too often I get the pleasure of a lusty beast to wake up to.” I snuggle into his arms and lay my head on his chest. We talk for a while about ourselves, getting to know eachother. I discover his name is Richard and he’s from North Carolina. He’s in his thirtys and has a couple of kids, a wife with a boyfriend and is always on the road. He finds out my name, where I’m from and that I have a kid. I don’t tell him my age because I know that he’ll kick me out if I do.

He swats my ass and sighs “Well, you woke me up now. Guess I’ll drive a bit more. You wanna join me?” I hugged him and laughed “Sure” and we dressed in the dark before he jumped out of the truck to “use the facilities” I slipped into the front and looked out the windows. We were in the middle of nowhere. I couldn’t see anything but the moonglow in the brush beside the truck. It was so quiet that, for a moment, I thought I was dreaming. I’d never heard such deafening silence before! When Richard got back into the truck I jumped. He started to reach for the key to the truck and I said “Wait. Listen.” He listened for a minute then looked at me, puzzled. I whispered “the silence. It’s so freaking QUIET!” He laughed and started the truck with a shaking head “You are one strange girl, Angel”


We stop for breakfast and I have the biscuits and gravy again. I LOVE this meal and he watches me eat with a grin on his face. “What?” I ask “Nothing, I just like watching you eat. I also love that you’re such a cheap date” He laughs and goes back to eating his eggs and steak. We talk for a while then get back to the truck. He’s got to be in Denver in the morning and still has a twelve hour drive ahead of him. I sit with him, talking and listening to the radio, singing occasionally. I am happy and laugh a lot. He’s very intelligent and we talk about politics, religion, marriage and death. I’ve never really talked to guys with anything more than a “wanna fuck” or “Twenty for a BJ, fifty for a lay” It’s nice and he intrigues me more with each passing mile.


Night covers the city as we pull into the street near the place he has to deliver at in a few hours. He slides the truck into place and asks me if I want to sleep before heading out. I take his hand and pull him into the sleeper “I want to fuck” I tell him as I slip out of my clothes. He quickly undresses and slips onto the bed, his cock quickly finding my drenched pussy. We fuck with reckless abandon, My body erupting over and over as he takes me roughly. By the time we’re done, the sun is rising and it’s time for him to go in and tell the company that we’re here. “Damnit woman, you’ll be the death of me if I keep you around!” He says as he gets dressed. I giggle and rise up against him, naked breasts hard and aching “one more, please?” I beg “no, damnit … I gotta get this into the office. Then, if your still here, I’ll fuck you again” He grumbles as he leaves the sleeper.

I can see his cock straining against the denim of his jeans as he slips from the truck. Laying back with a grin, I slide my fingers over and into my sopping cunt, bringing myself to orgasm again before curling up and falling asleep.



Richard drives the truck toward the truck stop after unloading the cargo. Smoothly, like a ballet dancer in Swan Lake, he guides the huge vehicle through traffic. I’m watching him from the sleeper where I lay, naked. I’m so horney I can hardly stand it so I’m masturbating slowly, the smell of my heated sex wafting through the cab. When he finishes parking the truck, he comes into the cab, wordlessly undresses and takes me in his arms. The urgency of our sex is frightening. I lose myself in it, becoming nothing but sex, lustful, needful, crying with the sheer joy of it. His cock, imbedded in my sex, becomes part of me, the center of everything and I’m drowning in him. He finishes after what feels like hours and I cling to him, sobbing. I’ve never felt this intensity of emotions before. He holds me, caressing me and asking if I’m ok. All I can do is nod and sob, giggling as the tears finally stop “good fucking grief, what in the HELL did you just do to me?” I ask, my voice filled with awe. “I dunno… did I break you?” He asks with a grin. I giggle and kiss him softly “Yeah, I think you did. Do you expect me to leave after THAT?” He hugs me to him and whispers “No, I expect you to be right here, with me.”

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The officer stands with me in the Port Authority as I wait for the bus. He looks rather bored with his babysitting job and I tell him he can go, that I’d be fine till the bus got there. He says he can’t, his boss would “have my ass” if he left me. We’ve gone and gotten my things from the hostel after we left the hospital and he paid the rent due amount for me. He asks if I’m hungry and I say yes, I’d love a hot dog and he laughs. We walk out to the vendor I’d met on my first day here and he smiles at me. I tell him I’m going home and he nods “Good. I was worried about yas. Don’t look like you’ve had much of a good time here though.” “Yeah, I had a wonderful time…. not counting the bad shit. I figure the first thing I ate here was one of your dogs so I’d get one for the road.” I say with a grin. He laughs and makes three dogs. Two for me and one for the officer who tries to pay for them. The man shakes his head and laughingly says “Nope, you’re moneys not good here, officer. Just remember me if I get a ticket”

We take the dogs inside and sit at a table. I have an hour to wait so we sit and talk, eating the most fantastic hot dog I’ve ever had. He tells me about his kids and wife and I talk about my son. I find myself tearing up as I talk about him so I take a bite so I can keep myself from crying. The officer makes sure I have my meds, including the dilaudid they gave me at the hospital for my pain. Then we go to the door my bus is at and he watches me board. I sit in the very back of the bus because I love the bench seat. I’m thinking about a nap as the bus fills up, including three guys that reek of liquor and cigarettes who sit next to me and immediately start flirting. As we pull out, I see the officer standing there by the door, watching.


The bus is packed and noisy for a while then slowly the talking stops and people start sleeping. I watch the lights of the city as they fade from view, miles rolling past us liquidly in the dark. The guy next to me asks me questions and I  half answer. He shuts up after a few minutes and falls asleep, snoring horribly in my ear.

Somehow I managed to get a little sleep and at dusk we stop for a while. I get off the bus and wander around the little rest stop which is a truck stop. The other passengers go inside and I follow them, stopping in the bathroom then back outside. I sit on the curb as I wait for the bus to come back from fueling and watch the traffic. A few of the truck drivers look at me and smile as they go into the restaurant for their breakfast and stuff. I smile politely back, even a little flirtatious. I can’t help it, that’s the way I smile.

One man stops and asks where I’m going and I tell him Denver on the bus. He nods and grins “Too bad, we could have had some fun” Then walks into the building. I know what he’s saying and I grin, thinking  about the options. There wasn’t anyone watching me on the bus. I mean, I wasn’t under bus arrest or anything and how would they know if I DIDN’T get on the bus? I don’t have any luggage so it’s not like I’m losing anything. I have everything I own in my backpack on my back. I look around and laugh before going inside and finding the guy. I sit at the booth he’s in and we start talking. He buys me some breakfast and I watch the bus leave as I’m noshing some biscuits and gravy. I’m a bit nervous but excited at the same time.

He pays for the food and, when we go outside, I feign anxiety “Oh my god, they left without me!” The man chuckles “Well, I could give you a ride. I’m going to Denver myself” I grin and take his hand “Ok, lets ride!” He laughs and walks to his truck and lets me in. I slip into the passenger seat and toss my pack into the back. He starts the truck as he’s looking at me “How old are you, anyways?” “I’m nineteen” I lie. He nods and shifts into gears “Good” he says as he maneuvers around other trucks and onto the highway.


After a few miles, I find myself getting sleepy and ask if I can go take a nap. He smiles and shakes his head “Yeah, go ahead.” I slip into the sleeper and lay on the bed, looking at the ceiling and listening to the sound of the road. Such a nice sound to fall asleep to!

sometime later I am awakened by the sound of air breaks and he slips into the sleeper “Time for me to get some shut-eye, baby girl. Scootch over” I slide back against the back of the sleeper and he slips off his clothes before coming into the bed. “I sleep naked so don’t be all freaked out” he says. I giggle and pull him close, pressing my body against his “I don’t mind. As long as you don’t mind snuggling!” He chuckles and wraps his arms around me, pulling me tight into his strong arms. He smells like Old Spice and diesel fuel. I turn away, scooting against him with my ass against his crotch, his arm draped over me and resting on one breast. He falls asleep quickly and I drift off to the soft wind blowing against the truck. For some reason, I feel safe in this mans arms.