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The officer stands with me in the Port Authority as I wait for the bus. He looks rather bored with his babysitting job and I tell him he can go, that I’d be fine till the bus got there. He says he can’t, his boss would “have my ass” if he left me. We’ve gone and gotten my things from the hostel after we left the hospital and he paid the rent due amount for me. He asks if I’m hungry and I say yes, I’d love a hot dog and he laughs. We walk out to the vendor I’d met on my first day here and he smiles at me. I tell him I’m going home and he nods “Good. I was worried about yas. Don’t look like you’ve had much of a good time here though.” “Yeah, I had a wonderful time…. not counting the bad shit. I figure the first thing I ate here was one of your dogs so I’d get one for the road.” I say with a grin. He laughs and makes three dogs. Two for me and one for the officer who tries to pay for them. The man shakes his head and laughingly says “Nope, you’re moneys not good here, officer. Just remember me if I get a ticket”

We take the dogs inside and sit at a table. I have an hour to wait so we sit and talk, eating the most fantastic hot dog I’ve ever had. He tells me about his kids and wife and I talk about my son. I find myself tearing up as I talk about him so I take a bite so I can keep myself from crying. The officer makes sure I have my meds, including the dilaudid they gave me at the hospital for my pain. Then we go to the door my bus is at and he watches me board. I sit in the very back of the bus because I love the bench seat. I’m thinking about a nap as the bus fills up, including three guys that reek of liquor and cigarettes who sit next to me and immediately start flirting. As we pull out, I see the officer standing there by the door, watching.


The bus is packed and noisy for a while then slowly the talking stops and people start sleeping. I watch the lights of the city as they fade from view, miles rolling past us liquidly in the dark. The guy next to me asks me questions and I  half answer. He shuts up after a few minutes and falls asleep, snoring horribly in my ear.

Somehow I managed to get a little sleep and at dusk we stop for a while. I get off the bus and wander around the little rest stop which is a truck stop. The other passengers go inside and I follow them, stopping in the bathroom then back outside. I sit on the curb as I wait for the bus to come back from fueling and watch the traffic. A few of the truck drivers look at me and smile as they go into the restaurant for their breakfast and stuff. I smile politely back, even a little flirtatious. I can’t help it, that’s the way I smile.

One man stops and asks where I’m going and I tell him Denver on the bus. He nods and grins “Too bad, we could have had some fun” Then walks into the building. I know what he’s saying and I grin, thinking  about the options. There wasn’t anyone watching me on the bus. I mean, I wasn’t under bus arrest or anything and how would they know if I DIDN’T get on the bus? I don’t have any luggage so it’s not like I’m losing anything. I have everything I own in my backpack on my back. I look around and laugh before going inside and finding the guy. I sit at the booth he’s in and we start talking. He buys me some breakfast and I watch the bus leave as I’m noshing some biscuits and gravy. I’m a bit nervous but excited at the same time.

He pays for the food and, when we go outside, I feign anxiety “Oh my god, they left without me!” The man chuckles “Well, I could give you a ride. I’m going to Denver myself” I grin and take his hand “Ok, lets ride!” He laughs and walks to his truck and lets me in. I slip into the passenger seat and toss my pack into the back. He starts the truck as he’s looking at me “How old are you, anyways?” “I’m nineteen” I lie. He nods and shifts into gears “Good” he says as he maneuvers around other trucks and onto the highway.


After a few miles, I find myself getting sleepy and ask if I can go take a nap. He smiles and shakes his head “Yeah, go ahead.” I slip into the sleeper and lay on the bed, looking at the ceiling and listening to the sound of the road. Such a nice sound to fall asleep to!

sometime later I am awakened by the sound of air breaks and he slips into the sleeper “Time for me to get some shut-eye, baby girl. Scootch over” I slide back against the back of the sleeper and he slips off his clothes before coming into the bed. “I sleep naked so don’t be all freaked out” he says. I giggle and pull him close, pressing my body against his “I don’t mind. As long as you don’t mind snuggling!” He chuckles and wraps his arms around me, pulling me tight into his strong arms. He smells like Old Spice and diesel fuel. I turn away, scooting against him with my ass against his crotch, his arm draped over me and resting on one breast. He falls asleep quickly and I drift off to the soft wind blowing against the truck. For some reason, I feel safe in this mans arms.


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