Caged Angel   2 comments

I walk into the cottage and look around. It’s small and quaint, two bedrooms and a full basement. As I wander the tiny abode, Boss Man is telling me what his expectations are. He wants me home all the time or at least nearby so, when he pages me, I’m home when he gets here. If I have doctors appointments, he wants to know. He’s “taken the liberty” of buying me clothing to wear when I know he’s coming. All the bills will be paid except for the food and I’ll get “a couple” thousand a month for spending money.

He takes me into the basement and I’m shocked to find a room filled with whips and crops, torture devices of all types. I start to turn and leave but he blocks the way. “This is the surprise I wanted to show you, baby. I want to show you how good pain can be.” Before I can protest, he’s pushed me toward a high bench that I fall onto with a grunt. Before I can get my feet under me, he’s clamped one part of the apparatus around my left ankle and is working on the other. I start kicking to get him off me and he’s laughing as the clamp snaps shut on my ankle. I start screaming and he moves before me. Before I can close my mouth, the gag is in place and being tightened. Shaking my head violently, I scream again, tears flowing from my eyes as I start grabbing him awkwardly, pulling him toward me so I can try to get some leverage. The bench has me draped over it like a wet cloth, pressing hard against my belly and I’m terrified. He grabs one arm and wrestles it into the clamp, finally getting it in and snapping it shut, placing a padlock through the holes to secure me. I’m quickly subdued and, breathing hard,  sobbing, I am captive.

He chuckles as he looks me over, sweat dripping from him. “This is how I like you best, my slut. Oh, wait… there’s too much hidden. Whatever shall we do about this??” He asks this as he walks toward the wall full of things I’ve never seen before. He takes down a pair of shears and comes to me. Standing next to me, he begins cutting away my jeans.

After cutting all my clothing off, he caresses my ass and presses his hardness against me “I’m going to show you things you never dreamed of, Angel” I wanted to tell him I had seen this before, that I needed him to stop, but the gag kept me silent. I’m starting to panic because of the first memory to come to my mind. The memory of my dead trick and the days of thinking I was going to die.

His hands caress the globes of my ass, lips caressing my back and sides as his hands find my heated center. Fingers slide inside me, caressing my clit till I’m moaning with desire. Sometimes I hate how easily I’m brought to a full boil no matter what’s happening! He’s murmuring as he works on me, commenting on how sexy I am, how he’s dreamed of today since the first time he laid eyes on me. I’m responding to him with squirms and moans. e moves away from me and takes something off the wall that looks like some sort of clips. crouching before me, he grabs one of my breasts and suddenly I’m experiencing one of the worst pains I have ever felt as he clamps one to my nipple, then the other. I scream in pain as he moves behind me, the chain between my hanging breasts swinging and tugging painfully.

Moving behind me again, he caresses my body with something soft and furry for a bit. He moves to the wall again and takes down a riding crop. I wonder what he’s going to do with it!? He rubs its tip down my spine then, with a crack, I feel it like fire across my ass cheeks. My head raises as I scream again and again, the crop lashing over my ass. “Each lash is for each day you shunned me, slut. I TOLD you that you would pay.”

Stars are invading my head by the time he stops. I’m drenched in sweat and breathing hard, laying over the bench weakly. He then kisses my ass and strokes the welts that are across my flesh. His fingers again caress my clit and, somehow, the pleasure begins to overcome the pain slightly and I’m squirming, then writhing and crying out passionately when my body erupts violently. His cock replaces his fingers and, with each painful, pleasurable stroke, I’m brought to rapture again and again till he fills me full of cum.

He releases me, helping me off the bench and I collapse in his arms, the world going black. I wake moments later with my head in his lap and a warm, soft blanket covering me. His whispers reach my ears before I open my eyes and I’m shocked by his words. “Wake my little slave, my slut. Wake for me and show Master some love” My eyes open and, looking into his eyes, I’m overwhelmed with emotion. I slip from his lap and turn, tears flowing “Why did you do that to me?” “Did you not like it? You seemed to…. after a while…” His fingers find my throbbing nipples and I’m instantly wracked by an orgasm, my body falling forward impulsively, my passionate cries filling the small room.

He chuckles and caresses my head gently “I think your body betrays you, my little beast.” I pull away and growl, breathlessly “Stop that!” He grins at me and gets up. As I kneel on the floor, not trusting my legs, he comes to me and slips a metal strip around my throat. As I ask him what he’s doing, I hear a snapping lock. I crawl away from him, reaching to my throat and feeling the cold metal warming quickly to my body temperature. “What the fuck is THIS??” I cry, looking at him and trying to pull the thing from my throat. With a stern look, he frowns and comes to me, striking me across the face with fist “you will call me Master, cunt. I now OWN you!” I’m laying on the floor, stunned and numbed by his words. Owned…. again…..

He grabs the collar and pulls me roughly to my feet before pulling me toward the other end of the basement. He opens a door and pulls me inside, stumbling. The room is dark and he pushes me in. My foot hits something as he turns on the light. I try to catch myself from falling but there’s nothing to grab but bars and I fall against them, face first. The clang of metal against metal jolts me and I turn as fast as possible, my left eye swelling quickly. He stands outside the black bars of the cage, looking at me “tisk tisk, I’ll get you some ice for that eye.” He leaves as I grab the bars, screaming at him to let me go.

By the time he comes back, I’m sitting on the floor of the cage, weeping. “Don’t cry Angel, it makes your face swell. Oh… I’m sorry, hard to tell with that eye like that” He hands me a bag of ice, wrapped in a towel. “Use that on your eye and I’ll go get you a pillow and blanket. Don’t want you getting cold”

He goes to a chest near the cage and pulls out a soft quilt and thick pillow then threads it through the bars to me. “There’s a bucket for your toileting over there behind you and I’ll bring you dinner, when I return.” I lift my head and look at him sadly “When will that be?” He reaches in through the bars and caresses my swollen face “Soon my sweet, soon” He rises and leaves, closing the thick door behind him.

Looking around the room, I realize it’s been sound-proofed. I sigh and lay down on the hard floor, wrapping the blanket around my naked body. Placing my head on the pillow, I wince from the pain of my cheek.  I think about Andy and cry softly, wondering if I’ll ever see him again.

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  1. Amazing. Wonderful writing. Your story is truly amazing. I don’t really know how to respond. Just keep writing:)


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