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Revenge so sweet   3 comments

Andy wants to go to the police but I have a different thought. Revenge. I have Andy take me to a restaurant where we talk for hours about my plan. By the time we pay the check, we’re both grinning evilly. Andy takes me home so I can sleep and he heads off to the hardware store for some needed items. When he returns, he wakes me and we head back to the house I’d been held captive in.

The front door is unlocked and the house is empty when we return, just the way I left it. I enter first to make sure he hadn’t returned early and, after finding the house empty, I open the attached garage and wave Andy inside. We unload the car and I have him take the car to the park half a block away to park it. He comes in the back door and we clean up the broken glass the kids had shattered to get in.


Two days later, while we sat in the living room drinking coffee, I hear the garage door opening. Andy takes the cups and runs into the bed room while I run into the basement and shut the door. I hear the door lock and footsteps running away. Thank God he is a smart man, I’d totally  forgotten the lock!

I get out some things to make for breakfast, since it was about that time of day and muss my hair so I look like I’ve just gotten up. Just as I hear the key in the lock, I realize I’m dressed! I scurry into the bathroom and quickly slip out of my clothes, cramming them into the cabinet under the sink. I squeek in surprise when he knocks, flush the toilet and wash my hands as he comes in.

His arms slip around my waist and he whispers in my ear “Has my slut been busy while I’ve been gone?” I laugh and turn in his arms, my lips finding his “You have no idea, my Master!” “I noticed you rearranged the bookshelf. I like it” He says as he lifts me in his arms, carrying me by my ass cheeks. I’m giggling and squirming as he grips my ass with both hands, his cock pressed against me, only the fabric of his slacks between us. “I missed you, my sexy Master” I whisper as I nibble his ear. “I missed you too, slut. I brought you something too.”

Out of his carry on bag, he pulls a small velvet covered box with a bow on it. He hands it to me and says “Put it on my beast” He smiles as he watches me open it to find a collar with a dainty gold lock “I can’t wear two collars, my Master” He laughs “put it on and I’ll take off the other one. First, look closely at it”

I lift it from the box and look at it. Gleaming in the lights are the words “Beloved Goddess” made with what looks like tiny blue sapphires. I look at him, my heart heavy. “I don’t deserve this, my Master” He smiles at me and touches my cheek gently “I’ll decide what you deserve, slut. Do as you’re told” “Yes Master” I take the collar and slip it on, the cool metal warming quickly to my skins temp. He takes off the old collar and kisses me, picking me up and carrying me to the counter of the bathroom. He undoes his pants and slips himself into my waiting body. He’s obviously been thinking about me since he left.

He uses me quickly and quietly, biting my collarbone as he fills me, my mind upstairs, thinking about what Andy is doing. He kisses me and looks at me, face perplexed “are you feeling OK my Angel?” “Yes, my Master, I’m fine, why?” he frowns at me and places the back of his hand against my forehead  looking concerned “you didn’t respond well today. Are you sure you’re feeling well?” I look down and sigh “I’ve got a bit of a headache, my Master, that’s all” He looks at me for the longest time then shrugs “probably hungry. Come out here and get something to eat. I smell the coffee you’ve made, maybe that’ll help”

We walk out into the main room and Andy is standing there, waiting, holding a gun. I scream like we’d planned and scurry back into the bathroom, slamming the door behind me. I’ve done my part but Andy looked like he could pull the trigger and not think twice. Seeing him like that scared me. I hear them talking on the other side of the wall but I can’t hear them clearly. I lay on the floor and stick my ear by the crack so I can hear better.  Nope, nothing. Dammit. I have to go out to hear them.

I open the door slowly, Boss Man has his hands in the air and Andy has moved him away from the bathroom, they are to each side of me, Andy to the left, Boss Man to the right as I step out and look at them both. They are looking at me silently, expectantly. Andy speaks to me and I jump like he’d shot the gun. “Well, should I just shoot him and get it over with or what?”

My hand moves to my throat and feels the collar there. I find tears welling up in my eyes and, for a moment, I can’t breath. Boss Man grins at Andy “I am her Master, she won’t let you shoot me” I look at Andy and see the pain and bewilderment in his eyes as he speaks “Angel?” “I can’t, Andy. I can’t make that call. I love you but he’s right. I love him, he’s my Master”

Boss Man starts to laugh and something in his laughter makes me cringe. Andy raises the gun and he stops laughing “Andy, don’t. Not like this” I plead. Andy looks down the barrel of the gun and growls “we planned this, Angel. I’m not letting you back out now. You don’t know what you’re talking about. Stockholm syndrome is what it’s called. You’re basically brainwashed.” I look at him then at Boss Man who is staring at Andy. I don’t want him to die so I think fast “I know we discussed killing him but what if we did to him what he did to me?” Andy just stares at him “I’m listening”

“We make HIM the slave. I can do things to him like he did to me, make him know how it feels” I’m talking fast, pacing between them. Andy grins slowly as he listens. Boss Man is not amused “I can’t be gone that long, people will miss me, they will look for me and you’ll be caught” I look at him and smile angelically “I’ll just call your wife and tell her we’ve run off together” He erupts with anger “You wouldn’t!! She’d clean out the accounts! I’ll be ruined!!” I shrugged my shoulders and turned to him, calmly “Then I tell you what. You give me twenty thou no, make it forty thousand and I’ll let you go, rich as ever and.. basically.. intact but first, we’re going to have some fun” He looks at me then Andy and the gun “You’re serious” “Deadly” says Andy. He sighs and nods “Done, let me call the bank and we can get this over with”