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Words of wisdom flew from my fingertips…   Leave a comment

While posting in a conversation on Facebook, Someone made a comment that was directed toward me about my statement that I had been a hooker at one time. She said I was nasty and that she wouldn’t be bragging.

This was my response “People who only see the statement “I was a hooker” assume that whatever degrading words they say will make me feel bad. I don’t. I only smirk and walk away because I know what I went through, I know how strong it made me. The fact that I’m still alive, 20+ years later, a mother of three of the most awesome Denverites in the world, a successful author and teacher, activist for trafficked youths AND still compassionate toward others speaks volumes. Nothing she or anyone else can say will ever change that. I am a better person now because of where I was then.”

This statement actually floored me. The power from that one paragraph brought tears to my eyes. I AM a better person for everything I went through back then and nothing anyone can say will EVER take that away from me.