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Caged Angel   2 comments

I walk into the cottage and look around. It’s small and quaint, two bedrooms and a full basement. As I wander the tiny abode, Boss Man is telling me what his expectations are. He wants me home all the time or at least nearby so, when he pages me, I’m home when he gets here. If I have doctors appointments, he wants to know. He’s “taken the liberty” of buying me clothing to wear when I know he’s coming. All the bills will be paid except for the food and I’ll get “a couple” thousand a month for spending money.

He takes me into the basement and I’m shocked to find a room filled with whips and crops, torture devices of all types. I start to turn and leave but he blocks the way. “This is the surprise I wanted to show you, baby. I want to show you how good pain can be.” Before I can protest, he’s pushed me toward a high bench that I fall onto with a grunt. Before I can get my feet under me, he’s clamped one part of the apparatus around my left ankle and is working on the other. I start kicking to get him off me and he’s laughing as the clamp snaps shut on my ankle. I start screaming and he moves before me. Before I can close my mouth, the gag is in place and being tightened. Shaking my head violently, I scream again, tears flowing from my eyes as I start grabbing him awkwardly, pulling him toward me so I can try to get some leverage. The bench has me draped over it like a wet cloth, pressing hard against my belly and I’m terrified. He grabs one arm and wrestles it into the clamp, finally getting it in and snapping it shut, placing a padlock through the holes to secure me. I’m quickly subdued and, breathing hard,  sobbing, I am captive.

He chuckles as he looks me over, sweat dripping from him. “This is how I like you best, my slut. Oh, wait… there’s too much hidden. Whatever shall we do about this??” He asks this as he walks toward the wall full of things I’ve never seen before. He takes down a pair of shears and comes to me. Standing next to me, he begins cutting away my jeans.

After cutting all my clothing off, he caresses my ass and presses his hardness against me “I’m going to show you things you never dreamed of, Angel” I wanted to tell him I had seen this before, that I needed him to stop, but the gag kept me silent. I’m starting to panic because of the first memory to come to my mind. The memory of my dead trick and the days of thinking I was going to die.

His hands caress the globes of my ass, lips caressing my back and sides as his hands find my heated center. Fingers slide inside me, caressing my clit till I’m moaning with desire. Sometimes I hate how easily I’m brought to a full boil no matter what’s happening! He’s murmuring as he works on me, commenting on how sexy I am, how he’s dreamed of today since the first time he laid eyes on me. I’m responding to him with squirms and moans. e moves away from me and takes something off the wall that looks like some sort of clips. crouching before me, he grabs one of my breasts and suddenly I’m experiencing one of the worst pains I have ever felt as he clamps one to my nipple, then the other. I scream in pain as he moves behind me, the chain between my hanging breasts swinging and tugging painfully.

Moving behind me again, he caresses my body with something soft and furry for a bit. He moves to the wall again and takes down a riding crop. I wonder what he’s going to do with it!? He rubs its tip down my spine then, with a crack, I feel it like fire across my ass cheeks. My head raises as I scream again and again, the crop lashing over my ass. “Each lash is for each day you shunned me, slut. I TOLD you that you would pay.”

Stars are invading my head by the time he stops. I’m drenched in sweat and breathing hard, laying over the bench weakly. He then kisses my ass and strokes the welts that are across my flesh. His fingers again caress my clit and, somehow, the pleasure begins to overcome the pain slightly and I’m squirming, then writhing and crying out passionately when my body erupts violently. His cock replaces his fingers and, with each painful, pleasurable stroke, I’m brought to rapture again and again till he fills me full of cum.

He releases me, helping me off the bench and I collapse in his arms, the world going black. I wake moments later with my head in his lap and a warm, soft blanket covering me. His whispers reach my ears before I open my eyes and I’m shocked by his words. “Wake my little slave, my slut. Wake for me and show Master some love” My eyes open and, looking into his eyes, I’m overwhelmed with emotion. I slip from his lap and turn, tears flowing “Why did you do that to me?” “Did you not like it? You seemed to…. after a while…” His fingers find my throbbing nipples and I’m instantly wracked by an orgasm, my body falling forward impulsively, my passionate cries filling the small room.

He chuckles and caresses my head gently “I think your body betrays you, my little beast.” I pull away and growl, breathlessly “Stop that!” He grins at me and gets up. As I kneel on the floor, not trusting my legs, he comes to me and slips a metal strip around my throat. As I ask him what he’s doing, I hear a snapping lock. I crawl away from him, reaching to my throat and feeling the cold metal warming quickly to my body temperature. “What the fuck is THIS??” I cry, looking at him and trying to pull the thing from my throat. With a stern look, he frowns and comes to me, striking me across the face with fist “you will call me Master, cunt. I now OWN you!” I’m laying on the floor, stunned and numbed by his words. Owned…. again…..

He grabs the collar and pulls me roughly to my feet before pulling me toward the other end of the basement. He opens a door and pulls me inside, stumbling. The room is dark and he pushes me in. My foot hits something as he turns on the light. I try to catch myself from falling but there’s nothing to grab but bars and I fall against them, face first. The clang of metal against metal jolts me and I turn as fast as possible, my left eye swelling quickly. He stands outside the black bars of the cage, looking at me “tisk tisk, I’ll get you some ice for that eye.” He leaves as I grab the bars, screaming at him to let me go.

By the time he comes back, I’m sitting on the floor of the cage, weeping. “Don’t cry Angel, it makes your face swell. Oh… I’m sorry, hard to tell with that eye like that” He hands me a bag of ice, wrapped in a towel. “Use that on your eye and I’ll go get you a pillow and blanket. Don’t want you getting cold”

He goes to a chest near the cage and pulls out a soft quilt and thick pillow then threads it through the bars to me. “There’s a bucket for your toileting over there behind you and I’ll bring you dinner, when I return.” I lift my head and look at him sadly “When will that be?” He reaches in through the bars and caresses my swollen face “Soon my sweet, soon” He rises and leaves, closing the thick door behind him.

Looking around the room, I realize it’s been sound-proofed. I sigh and lay down on the hard floor, wrapping the blanket around my naked body. Placing my head on the pillow, I wince from the pain of my cheek.  I think about Andy and cry softly, wondering if I’ll ever see him again.

Secrets Kept   Leave a comment

Boss MAn asks me to go to a party with him after a few weeks and takes me out to buy a new dress for me. It’s a tight black dress, short to show off my thick, muscular legs that he loves so much. This will be our first time actually being seen together in public. He tells me to keep it “professional” and I smirk before saying OK.

We enter the room and, it seems, all eyes are on us. He spent a good amount of money on my hair and makeup so I knew I looked good. I kept a seductive air about myself, knowing how to get what I wanted from men. When I would catch the eye of a man, I’d smile endearingly, lips slightly parting to let my tongue slip over them, eyes slightly closed. I don’t know why this look works but, by the end of the night, I’d given my pager number to ten men and fucked three… for a price, of course.


Boss Man is getting possessive and wants me to stop working here. After closing one day, he said he has other plans for me now. He wants to rent me an apartment so he can come to me when he wants. He says I’ll never have to work again. I’m afraid he will want me to leave Andy and THAT ain’t happening. I tell him as much and he gets angry. He starts yelling at me and I start to leave, telling him it’s over if he can’t understand that he’s no more than my boss. He tells me he loves me and I stop at the bottom of the stairs. “Seems to be a problem then, Boss  Man because all you are is a trick. I’m your whore and nothing more. It’s over.”

I get into my car and he’s standing behind it, keeping me from leaving. I tell him I’ll call his wife and he moves away with an odd look in his eyes. “You’re still my whore, Angel… I WILL have you” I swallow hard and drive away. He’s scaring me. I watch the rear view mirror as I’m driving, hoping he’s not following me home.

I get home and tell Andy we have to leave, tonight, and why. He didn’t know about Boss Man and when he hears, he sits down and sighs. “I didn’t think you were making that much at that job but never thought to ask where the money was coming from. Well, it’s done and now he’s a potential stalker. I say we stay here and see what happens. At least till the first of the month” I nod, looking at the floor “are you mad?” He chuckles and pulls me into his arms “I knew what you were when I met you. I don’t expect you to change overnight. I love you and, as long as you’re safe, I can’t complain.”

And people wonder what I see in him…

That night, my pager goes off a LOT. It’s Boss Man calling.I ignore it and Andy finally turns it off around ten. He looks at me and laughs “Persistent fucker, isn’t he?” “You have no idea” I tell him as I climb into bed “You have absolutely no idea”

Next morning I get in the car and go to work, like nothing happened the night before. I’m hoping he has calmed down but when I get there, he’s giving me the silent treatment. During lunch rush, he comes up behind me and hits me in the back of the head, softly, and calls me knucklehead. I shrug it off and continue working. This turns out to be a daily thing, the swats and name calling. It’s irritating but not unbearable. I can handle him.


He sends my coworker home early one day a week later because it’s hailing and snowing and she has a long commute. I’m stuck here, with him, alone. We, silently, do the shutdown and I grab my coat to leave, only to find that he’s locked the doors. “Look Boss Man, I told you, it’s over.” I say as I turn from the door.

He’s standing there, looking at me weirdly. He walks toward me, talking softly “No Angel, it’s never going to be over. I know you want to be mine because you continue to come back, taunting me with your lips, your ass…. I must have you Angel. You’re my drug, I NEED you” I frown and sigh “I will not leave Andy, you know that.” “I know Angel and I don’t give a fuck. I’ve watched you and I know you and he don’t have sex. I wonder if he’s really your father because you are so young and he’s so… old. Be my kept woman and he can live there too just, when I want you, he has to leave.” His arms encircle me as I press myself against the door, listening. “Let me talk to him and see what he says, Boss Man. I won’t do it unless he agrees.” “Agreed” he says and presses against me. I can feel his cock straining against my belly. Groaning, I whisper “Unlock the door, Boss Man, please”  He kisses me hard as he unlocks the door “Till tomorrow then” He bites my neck hard then pushes the door open, watching me fall onto the concrete outside. I stagger to my feet and start toward the car, his words taunting my ears “Till tomorrow…”


My lips throbbing from his kiss, body squirming on the cold car seat, I drive. Not home, not yet. I drive to the truck stop and park in the lot behind the restaurant. I get on the CB in my car and ask if someone wants any company. Immediately there’s a reply and I go to his truck. I get in and he asks “how much.” I just grab his hand and drag him into the sleeper with “Just fuck me!”

We quickly undress and he ravishes me, biting me and slapping my face as he thrusts into me. I climax wildly as he chokes me. Finding myself feeling more and more aroused as his hands encircle my throat, I beg him “Harder, God, choke me harder!” His thrusts get harder with the tightening of his hands and I’m seeing stars when the biggest orgasm I’ve ever had rips through my body, my screams of delight stifled by his thick hands.

Afterward, we lay there in his ice-cold sleeper, sweat dripping from us both, the windshield fogged thickly. He looks at me with wonder and shakes his head “Damn, and I don’t even know your name!” I chuckle breathlessly “Angel, baby….. Midnight Angel on the CB.” “You around much” He asks “Not too much, I just needed a cock today… you don’t mind do you?” He lays back, laughing hard “Hell of a time to ask THAT!”


I’m taking a shower when Andy gets home, my body still throbbing from the trucker. He sits on the toilet and we talk about the day, minus the trucker. He asks me if I want to be a kept woman and I laughed “Well, a free apartment and money to fuck a man occasionally… what’s not to like?” He’s quiet for a long time and, as I’m rinsing my hair, I hear him say “if it’s what you want” His voice so sad that I almost start to cry. “Sweetheart, I want you to be happy too. Please, be honest, do you want me to do this?” He doesn’t answer so, I open the curtain. He’s gone.

“Come on dear, tell me, do you want this?” I ask him as I lay on the bed in nothing but a towel. He shakes his head “I can’t be selfish, Angel. He can give you something I can’t and I understand that. I just don’t have to like it.” I pull him to me and kiss his tenderly, tears in my eyes “I love you, Andy. No matter who rents my body, YOU have my heart, remember that”

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We stopped in Kansas that first night, in a rest stop of sorts, and set up a tent around 1 AM. Sometime during the early morning a fierce rainstorm hit. The tent was being blown sideways, thunder and lightning so terrifying that is felt like we were in the middle of a war zone. The tent filled up with water, saturating our sleeping bags and our spirits. I, being thoroughly terrified of thunder, was screaming with each strike of lightning.

At one point there was a horrifying sound of rumbling, the tent was sucked upward and my ears popped. Then, suddenly, dead silence. We tumbled out of the tent into the murky light of dawn and looked around. The truck was fine as far as we could see but the building that had been across from the rest area was nothing but rubble, strewn across the field of grain that had surrounded it.

We looked at each other and, wordlessly, began to break camp. After we finished and got into the truck, we again looked at each other and shivered. He started the truck and I slid across the seat to kiss him softly, leaning against him as he put the truck in drive.

When we got to the town that was closest to us, we stopped at the little mom and pop store to get something to eat and change clothes in their bathroom. The lady was kind enough to let us actually take a shower in her house behind the store after we told her of our night. She fed us as her husband watched the store, her ham and eggs were to die for and, before we left, she gave us a bag of apples from her tree outside.


Indianapolis Speedway had always been some place Andy always dreamed of going to so, on our way across country, we stopped and had a look. They had a track run tour and Andy decided he HAD to go on it so, we got on the little bus and rode on the track for two laps. Andy cried.


We stopped for gas in Ohio, just past the state line. While we were there, I got some scratch tickets and won three hundred dollars which was a godsend. Just before we got to the other side of the state, one of the tires blew. Two AM, middle of nowhere and no spare. We pulled the truck off onto a wide spot on the side of the road, pulled out the sleeping bags and went to sleep.

Morning and we are awakened by a local sheriff who thought we might have been dead. He said he almost wet himself when Andy woke up and sat up suddenly. He graciously called a tow truck and we went to the nearest garage, got the tire changed and headed off down the road again.


We got to West Union and found my friend, set up camp in her huge back yard and got the cat out of her carrier just in time to see that she was giving birth! 2 days later we moved into an apartment over an old garage, right behind the grocery store. Andy would take long walks around the town, getting to know everyone and I spent my days learning to bake, from scratch. Apples were abundant and I baked apple cobblers that everyone seemed to like and shortbread cookies that melted in your mouth. I loved the little town life and the apartment with the footed bathtub. I wrote poetry and sent it in to a publisher and was accepted! I was so happy that I cried the day I got the letter.

About a month after we moved in, a sweet Cocker Spaniel  came into our lives. We called her Lady and asked around town for her owner, putting up signs in the store and talking to the neighbors. Her owner came one morning and told us that if we wanted her, we could keep her. She had been constantly running away from home and the owner said she hated the kids. Her name, it turned out, was Muffin.


Andy and I have been talking and we decided to go south before the first snow. Andy isn’t sure if we’ll go all the way to Florida but he said we’ll know where we’re going when we get there. I like that idea and the day the first snow hits West Union finds us packed up and on the road again, leaving behind some very sweet friends.

We make our way down the highway and I tell him about Greensboro, North Carolina which is on the way south. It’s a city I’m familiar with and, when we get there, Andy is instantly drawn in. We set up a post office box for his checks to go to and look around town for an apartment. For a week we live in the truck and I get a job at the Waffle House next to the porn shop. Waiting tables during the day and “helping out” at the porn shop at night quickly gets us a room behind a woman’s house.

Life becomes normal, me working the two jobs till I get fired from the Waffle House for coming up short on the till one day. I get a job at a little place called Scooters and quit the one with the porn shop. I flip burgers during the afternoon and bum around the rest of the day.


My boss tells me he wants me to work shutdown about a month after I start working there and I say yes, it’s more hours and closing time is 7 pm, plenty of time for me to get home for bingo with Andy. When we finish the day, he tells me to go upstairs to the office and straighten up the boxes in the dry storage room. I climb up the thin, steep stairs and, while he counts the days income, I move boxes around in the store room.

He comes up behind me, wrapping his arms around me and presses his hard cock against my ass. I tense against him and he chuckles “I want to fuck you, Angel. I guess you can tell, huh?” I grin and turn around “It’ll cost you, boss man” He raises an eyebrow and pulls a ten from his pocket “This enough?” “Not even, old man. You want this, it’ll cost you a lot more” I tell him softly as I look into his eyes “I know you’re married. I know your wife’s phone number. You want to fuck me, it’ll come with a price for my silence” I caress his hardness as I lean in and nibble his lips gently. “H…how much?” He asks, breathlessly. I unzip his pants and slip him from his confines, my lips caressing his earlobe “One thousand dollars each time”

He backs away abruptly, his cock slipping from my fingertips looking thick, purple and angry “You’re kidding!” he says. “No, darling, I’m not… You want me, you want my lips stroking your cock right now, my pussy wrapped around you, feeling my cunt throbbing around it.” I whisper seductively “you want this right here…” My hand slowly going into my pants, breasts lifting as I moan with desire “You need my wet hot pussy and I need your money…” I take my sopping fingers from my slit and slide them under his nose as he backs into the wall “You want this…. pay for it”

He quickly pulls his wallet from his pants pocket and takes all the money from it, hands it to me and says “Now, get naked damnit” I count the money first with a smirk on my lips. Ten dollars short but I get undressed anyway. I’m so horny by now that he could have said no and I’d have let him fuck me anyway. Idiot.

I get naked and he stands there looking at me for a moment before lunging at me and pushing me onto the floor with a grunt. He fucks me hard and fast, just like I love to be fucked and I cum over and over, gripping his cock tightly as I writhe under him. He growls and pulls out “Ass, I want to fuck it” I laugh and turn over, his cock eagerly finding my willing ass. He rams into me a few times before tensing up and thrusting hard into my bowels, shooting his cum into me. He cries out passionately then, gasping and jerking, he pulls me up, griping my breasts and breathing into my ear “Fuck…. Angel…. shit…. I have to have you…. again… God Angel….”